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Ben Patel

Dear Pentagreen Team Sorry to reply late i just arrived from india last week and just had to catch up with work. Dont like being back after having a wonderful time in india,especially the kerala trip you organise for me. I cant thank you enough everything from the beginning to the end of my trip. It was because of your promont and excellent service.Not only me but rest of the group enjoyed so much that they will treasured this trip for rest of their lives.I have passed your e-mail and your name to person called Joeseph Anthony. He will get in touch with you and metion my name.Hope my sister is enjoying her trip. Could you look at for me to Shri Lanka or Thailand or any other place which is reasonable or a bagain around same time. Thinking of coming around same time around middle of january 2014. If there is any thing cheap i can adjust my dates. Once again thank you very much. .

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